Joe DeFranco’s “Limber 11”


Now the video that is linked is an absolute MUST WATCH if you don’t currently have a properly planned warm up. Not only will this allow you to warm up effectively to be able to perform your best during training, but it will also help increase your overall flexibility and in turn make your movements more efficient.

The only equipment that you will need is a foam roller and a lacrosse ball. However, if you don’t have access to this you may use a PVC Pipe and a Tennis Ball. These can be cheaply found at your local hardware and sporting goods store.

The first portion of the “Limber 11” series places an emphasis on self-myofascial release. In simple terms, it’s a self massage. This will help loosen up each given muscle from its previously tight position. By loosening up the given muscle group, you return it back to it’s optimal length-tension relationship so that it may be able to perform at its best.

Afterwards you follow a sequence of mobility and dynamic exercises that will allow you to warm up and achieve ultimate flexibility. These include the Bent-knee Iron Cross, Rollovers into V-sits, Rocking Frog stretch, Fire Hydrant circles, Mountain Climbers, Cossack Squats, Seated Piriformis stretch , and Rear Foot Elevated Hip Flexor stretch.

Try putting it in before your next squat or deadlift training day and see how much better you feel. I GUARANTEE you will see a difference.

(via 30andbroke)